Laurence Humier translates the idea into a game that sharing with others, joining a community generate value.

Smart Money Maker is a card game, for 2-6 players of all ages, to illustrate the rules of the Sharing Economy!

Despite the many opportunities to collaborate, it's possible that players won’t manage to pay off all debts. In that case, the game is the winner!

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What you get: The playing cards comes in a beautiful serigraphy packaging shaped as a match box that contains the 154 playing cards. Smart Money Maker is a first edition economic card game made in Italy, funded on Kickstarter.

Buy what you know: Download a free print-and-play.

+ How does Sharing Economy work?

Sharing with others, expressing our opinions, and joining a community are all actions that generate value and business.

Connections have to be made quicker and volumes of data multiplied. Word of mouth is crucial to creating positive impressions among groups, subcultures, communities. People who know how to deal with the Sharing Economy make and break news, and spread information about services and products.

According to this model, a search engine like Google creates wealth with a stream of information just like banks generate it with a stream of money. The penny-wise who follow the rules of the old business keep their assets out of circulation: earn low returns, pay taxes and run losses. In the Sharing Economy, the one who moves their investments wins.

+ How to play?

It is based on a simple concept: everyone plays against the problems left behind by the old economy. The objective is to pay for all debts to remain in the market. Players have to collaborate: they receive a portfolio of cards that represent the Sharing Economy models. The cards can be traded in for money when they are used to pay off debts.

For 2-6 players; 45-60 minutes of playing time.

+ How does Smart Money Maker come up?

Laurence Humier developed the rules and illustrated the playing cards. The project has been funded on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on December 2015. Thank you to all the supporters!

Smart Money Maker is an educational tool starts conversations in family households or among company colleagues about business, online reputation, new models of income, and saving money via the use of collaborative platforms. During the game, it is interesting to observe the different attitudes of the players regarding the debts to be paid off. Some players are spenders, savers, wise, enterprising, individual, or collaborative! Smart Money Maker is a game as well as a team-building tool!

+ What are the advantages of the Sharing Economy?

Monopoly®, a game born in the old capitalist era, was based on the accumulation of money and goods. Since the economy rules have changed, Smart Money Maker wants to illustrate the fundamentals of the Sharing Economy.

In the old business, value was determined by the market: the relationship between supply and demand determined the price of a commodity. In the new economy everything has been turned upside down. The US writer Kevin Kelly explained it in his book New Rules for the New Economy. Abundance determines value: the more one consumes, the less resources will cost. Production price approaches zero thanks to the digital sphere. Replication is just a click away.

Smart Money Maker does what it set out to do. The game is extremely portable, beautifully designed, and simply playable. The enhanced design and efficient gameplay also make it a gateway game for your friends. In a world full of investing unknowns, Smart Money Maker is a safe bet.
— James Meersman,

Price: $29.99 USD + shipment cost.

3 days shipping within the US at checkout.

First edition
Made in Italy