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Meeting Chairs are a collapsible system of 2, 3, or 4 seats, depending on your needs. All the seats open up and close at the same time. Meeting Chairs do respect and refine the current laws: chairs for public usage have to be linked, enabling quick transportation and storing. Ideal for collective space in museums, bookshops, seminar halls and events. A trolley can be ordered to move the Meeting Chairs by lot of 16 seats.

Meeting Chairs were included in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and in the Vitra Design Museum. Meeting Chairs was presented and published in the catalogue of the most important Auction Houses in Europe and America including Pierre Bergé (Paris), Quittenbaum (Munich), and Bonhams (New York).

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+ Color and material
A wide range of colors are available for the seats. We offer our customers the possibility to choose inside the color chart for Batyline and Lena leather. Under request, it's also possible to upholster the seats with fabric provided by the customer.

The structure is made of chromed iron, the seats are inserted into polished, extruded-aluminum profiles, and the levers that put the seats into tension are chrome Zamak alloy.

+ Certification and guaranty
Meeting Chairs have obtained an European and American quality certifications for contract uses.

We guaranty that we will intervene at our own expense in the shortest possible time in case of any damage caused by a manufacturing defect. However, it will not take responsibility for any damage caused by improper maintenance or use.

The duration of the warranty period is one year and starts from the order receipt date. The supply of spare parts for the structure and the replacement or addition of Meeting Chairs are guaranteed according to a current price list. However, the color choice for the seats is subject to availability.

+ Delivery
The delivery time is from 2 to 12 weeks depending of the order. The manufacturer is located in North of Italy.

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