Laurence Humier has conducted research on materials with chemists.

Cooking Material is her ebook that teaches you how to create Do-It-Yourself matter, not necessarily edible, inspired by cooking.

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Available in French, English and Italian.

Workshops for children or lectures for adults are organized under request.

Over the last two years, Laurence hold interventions in different schools, conferencesm and museums including Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (Paris), the Science Festival (Genoa), Espace des Inventions (Lausanne), the Triennale Design Museum (Milan), and the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Museum (New York), MateriO (Bruxelles), Museu del Disseny (Barcelona), RISD (Providence.)

+ Who is this ebook for ?
With the expansion of 3D printing, we need smart Do-It-Yourself materials.

By the analysis and application of basic and useful chemistry and physics principles, the e-book intends to playfully creating a new tie between culinary and non-culinary, organic and inorganic ingredients.

+ Are these “special” recipes edible ?
Not at all. You will learn to whip beeswax instead of cream, to get a very spongy emulsion, or make glass starting from the caramel recipe. An ingredient is a material. Starting from your own familiarity with cooking, you’ll find inspiration to create material from a recipe.

+ What's the materials use, then?
For one, disseminating the elementary knowledge of chemical-physical reactions taking place in different materials, while stimulating creativity in adolescents and bringing back curiosity in adults!

+ How was Cooking Material project developed ?
Cooking Material
was developed and written by Laurence Humier in collaboration with Audray Tardieu, a chemical engineer expert in gastronomy molecular.

The publication received the support of Belgian Ministry of Culture and the patronage of the Design Triennale Museum (Milan.)


E-book available in English, Italian, and French on Amazon and iTunes

E-book available in English, Italian, and French on Amazon and iTunes