Smart Money Maker is an educational card game, for 2-6 players of all ages (10-99 years old), to illustrate the rules of the New Economy. It is based on a simple concept: everyone plays against the problems left behind by the old economy! Try a free print-and-play version. Invite friends, get up $5 discount to buy a deck !

Meeting Chairs are a modular foldable system for 2, 3, or 4 seats that were included in the MoMA's permanent collection and Vitra Design Museum. Shipment all over the world from Milan. Delivery time is from 2 to 8 weeks.


Laurence Humier's projects come out of a direct relationship with Italian craftsmen. She self produces furnitures: Tavolo Infinito, Meeting Chairs, and Stackable Chair.

The apparent transversality of her research, her diversity of interests, and her international works are strong points within an activity devoted to a broad sense of design.

Alchemist Matter leads children, from 5-12 years old, to make their first steps in chemistry. This educational tool shows hands-on activities and how science can be useful. Ideal for teachers.

Cooking Material is an ebook that teaches you how to create Do-It-Yourself matter inspired by cooking. With the expansion of 3D printing, we need smart Do-It-Yourself materials. This essay demonstrates the relationship between culinary  and non‐culinary materials. Available in English, French and Italian. [Buy e-book at Amazon] or [iTunes Store]


Laurence travelled for over two years. Before setting off on her travels she had to empty a flat and fill two suitcases. It gave her the idea of rethinking what a woman keeps in her wardrobe and how she should carry the essentials with her.


This bag looks like a life buoy. It's true! Because it can be weared around the neck or the shoulder. In bicycle or in motorbike, when it rains with the umbrella or with the shopping bags, this bag leaves your hands free.